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Recovery Coaching

A recovery coach helps the individual in recovery to identify and remove personal and environmental barriers to recovery by building an understanding of concepts, links to the recovery community and resources. We have several roles ranging from guide and mentor to Advocate, Role model and motivator. By working together the coach and clients establish and develop recovery capital and the skills necessary to sustain a lifelong recovery process. The coach encourages hope, optimism and healthy living. 

The true value of a recovery coach is working with someone with shared life experience. We're not your therapist, we bring true understanding and empathy to your journey and to help support you along the way.


Building and Maintaining Recovery. Group

The difficulty of recovery or the desire to recover is how to live the rest of your life.

Recovery coaching is a support system that removes barriers to help you obtain or maintain recovery and wellness.

Our group meets once a week, is run by an experienced certified recovery coach.

Weeknights 5:45-6:45 Cost sliding scale based on an individual bases.

Just a few of the things we address,
Understanding and dealing with trauma
Wellness skills and education
Repairing relationships
Parenting in recovery
Harm Reduction
MAT Recovery
Life Skills

What comes after…..

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